Artist’s statement

PAINTINGS: Throughout the challenges of this past year, I have found painting to be a place of refuge where the beautiful and mysterious are born through chance and good fortune…where, if I am willing to be courageous and move beyond my stiff habits, color and form emerge in unique ways I had not imagined. It’s like wiping off a mirror and discovering one’s own face, but a face not seen before. Each painting surprises, like a new flower pushing through snow and ice. It’s said that the realization of the Way is the experience of intimacy with the ten thousand things. Letting each piece grow as an open question, unplanned and unanticipated, takes me in to that flow.

PHOTOGRAPHIC MEDIA:  These pieces (Transformed Life) are based on 16mm film shot over 45 years ago; some of them on black and white film hand developed and stained. Strips of film are scanned using a high resolution flat bed scanner to rescue individual frames which are then arranged in photoshop before printing. The images are stacked in vertical columns so that each piece can be read through time from upper left to lower right. Each image is a distinct separate photograph and since 16 mm film runs at 24 frames a second, each represents 1/24th second of life preserved and yet transformed. This transformation may also include the color modifications which creates the poignancy and mood of each piece.